What are you doing this weekend? Why not go to VIA?

The VIA Music & New Media Festival brings together the best artists from home and around the world to perform together over the course of 5 days and 50+ hours of programming. Bands, DJs and producers are paired with visual artists for one-of-a-kind performances that may only be seen once in a lifetime.

East Liberty is proud to have VIA in the neighborhood this year! On Friday October 7, see the show and the after party in 6022 Broad Street. Saturday October 8, Broad Street will shut down for VIA.There will be music, workshops and more! For more info and tickets, check out VIA’s website.

Check out all of the coverage on VIA in Pop City, the Post-Gazette and the Tribune-Review.

VIA was named one of the Top October 2011 Festivals in the world! Read about it on Resident Advisor.