At East Liberty Development, Inc. we aim to increase homeownership in East Liberty and to ensure that properties have contextual design and quality finishes that meet the guidelines and standards of the community plan.

Available Properties

We have several vacant lots as well as shell and “as is” vacant homes available for sale.

Please see the map for our currently-available properties and read below for more details on purchase requirements. For more information or to make an offer, please contact our real estate department at 412-361-8061.

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Purchase Rehab &
Homeowner Development Homes

East Liberty Development, Inc. is offering for sale vacant homes that are in need of renovation. These properties are for homeowner occupancy only. Our goal is to increase homeownership in the neighborhood and to ensure that properties are renovated in accordance with the guidelines of the community plan.

To purchase these homes, you must be either a prospective homeowner looking for purchase-rehab opportunities or a developer who will renovate properties for sale to homeowners.

All offers for purchase-rehab or homeowner development should include a development plan, scope of work, and budget. ELDI staff, board, and committees review proposals before accepting any offers.

Below are our currently available “as is” and shell properties:

As is:


Vacant Lots

We have several vacant lots available for sale. The lots must be used for new construction, home-owner occupied projects.

If you are interested in making an offer on one of our vacant lots, your offer should include a development plan, design, and budget. ELDI staff, committees, and board will review before accepting any offers. Key design elements that must be presented to the committee include contextual design, finished first-floor elevation, site plan, massing, and façade. The development plan must also provide evidence of the intention for the home to be owner-occupied upon completion.

Below are our currently available vacant lots:

  • 239 Renfrew Street
  • 601 Larimer Avenue
  • 133 Enterprise Street
  • 0 Joseph Street
  • 109 Elena Court
  • 45 Carver Street
  • 617 Lenora Street
  • 141-143 Meadow Street