Last night, Monday April 6th at the Union Project, the Women in Leadership through the Coro Center for Civic Leadership celebrated their graduation for the 12 week program. This group of 20 talented women came together to engage in experiential learning activities, conduct interviews of city leaders and influences, write a personal strategic plan and collaboratively complete a group project.

The purpose of this course was to foster leadership skills in women in the public, private and non-profit sectors of Pittsburgh, so they may use this information to become better civic leaders and advocates for their communities.

For their group project, the Women in Leadership conducted interviews of how women overcome obstacles and find success. Pathways 2 Success accounts the stories of everyday women, who they have found success in their personal or professional lives, and their view of women in our culture today.

Congratulations to the 12th Class of Women in Leadership.

Class participants:
Urmi Ashar
Alisa Carr
Renee Cox
Emilie Delestienne
Joanna Guziewicz
Denene Hefflin
Clarissa Jefferson
Christina Jumba
Amy Kerr Parker
Breen Masciotra
Emily Monroe
April Morgan Hincy
Emily Nordquist
Alma Roberts
Anjali Soi
Krista-Ann Staley
Brienne Terril
Jennifer Thoma
Karen Wall Lamoureux
Lucinda Wiebe


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1. Felicia Epps says

I think that this a wonderful program! I congratulate all of you!!

April 9th, 2009